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Hey! We are a creative married couple from Ukraine

I am Artem Stupak, and I am professional videomaker with 7 years of experience, and photographer with over 3 years of experience. I have a wide range of experience of filming and editing videos in different genres.

I am Alyona Oleynik, Ukrainian fashion designer, stylist, founder of the «ao2» brand and «Oleinik design studio», member of the Ukrainian Fashion Council and resident of Ukrainian Fashion Week. Art director and director of photo and video shoots for fashion brands and companies.


Work & Experience

  • Design & Content Lead
  • Technical Assiatant
  • Founding Member
  • Design Member
  • Digital Ocean LLC
  • Godaddy LLC
  • Media Mask Morons
  • next Fashion Limited

Awards & Recognition

  • CSS Design Awards
  • Awwwards SOTD
  • Siteinspire
  • DesignHacker 2017
  • CSS Design Awards
  • Awwwards SOTD
  • Siteinspire
  • DesignHacker 2017

Creative content for your business.

Photo and video filming.

Style and creative design.